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May 05, 2008


Aunt S

What fun bags! With grocery stores starting to charge for their bags, that's the best way to go ~ in style!

Mom Unplugged

Great post! You read my mind because I was going to interpret "green" as recycling/eco, etc. but it never came about.

My friend has a funny story about trying to go to Walmart with her reusable bags and the checker was completely befuddled!

Thanks for showing us all the options. Very helpful!


can not wait to check out the links. I love your bags they look great.

Let's Explore

Oh, I love my envirosax that roll-up and go in my purse. Your handmade totes are so cute! Fun idea for "green!" :) Amy


I love the homemade bags! So far we just use the reusable bags we bought at the supermarket... I'm sure something more *fun* is in our future! Thanks for sharing.


That looks like a neat project. Thanks for sharing.

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