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April 11, 2007



I'm trying this out. Neat video. You told us about Roo's bike training class and how he learned too. Nice to see the vid.


I must admit, I'm a very proud Momma! And it's quite hard to get that child OFF her bike now! Thanks Roo for encouraging her and learning together! What a good friend!!


That was all afternoon! I was so surprised because her Momma said she hadn't been on a bike in a year and had training wheels when she did ride. Kids are so amazing what they can do!
(Oh and that's why I quit filming... was getting sick to my stomach LOL!)

The Lazy Organizer

Good job! Did she do that all day? I got dizzy just watching it! My kids love to ride but we get too many thorns and their tires are always flat. I guess we're going to have to spring for airless tires this summer.

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